Hail adventurer!

Recruitment status: OPEN

We're currently recruiting motivated individuals level 60 and higher. It helps to be familiar with a few current guild members, so group with BDA members before submitting an application if possible.

To learn more about us, visit our about us page:

About Us

If you're interested in applying to become a member of Bregan D'Aerth, please begin by reading our guild charter:

Guild Charter

Next, read up on the application process which will detail how to apply:

Application Process

Registration Agreement

**You must register your account as your main character's first name with the starting letter capital, e.g., "Sadad" or "Sanluen".**

Consider this your first test at following directions.

Also, please note and may take a while to receive the activation e-mail upon registering. You may want to consider making a throw-away Gmail address.

Once you've registered for the site you'll need to submit an application either as a returning full member or new applicant. Accounts registered that never apply will be periodically purged.