Hail adventurer!

Recruitment status: OPEN

We're currently recruiting motivated individuals level 60 and higher. It helps to be familiar with a few current guild members, so group with BDA members before submitting an application if possible.

To learn more about us, visit our about us page:

About Us

If you're interested in applying to become a member of Bregan D'Aerth, please begin by reading our guild charter:

Guild Charter

Next, read up on the application process which will detail how to apply:

Application Process

About Us


    Bregan D'Aerth is a casual raiding guild on the Phinigel TLP Classic Everquest server. We're a family oriented guild, i.e., we make fun of each other and play this game with each other because we (for the most part) actually enjoy each others company. Pixels are great, but the company we keep here is even better.

    Our leadership is as follows:
    • Chest - Glorious Dear Leader
    • Doab - Senior Recruitment Officer
    • Stehlik - Officer
    • Lawdee - Senior Raid Leader
    • Turgid - Bear Raid Leader
    • Skiba - Raid Leader

    We have other "officers" too, but we cut off their weekly Mountain Dew and Cheetos supply months ago. For whatever reason, they keep logging in and trying to do officer things.