Hail adventurer!

Recruitment status: OPEN

We're currently recruiting motivated individuals level 60 and higher. It helps to be familiar with a few current guild members, so group with BDA members before submitting an application if possible.

To learn more about us, visit our about us page:

About Us

If you're interested in applying to become a member of Bregan D'Aerth, please begin by reading our guild charter:

Guild Charter

Next, read up on the application process which will detail how to apply:

Application Process

Guild Charter

We are Bregan D'Aerth, a multi-server guild focusing primarily on the Phinigel TLP server. We are a casual raiding guild that places strong emphasis on community. We place real life before pixels and strive to maintain a positive presence on this server.

Code of Conduct

We expect a degree of maturity from all members of Bregan D'Aerth. We expect maturity both within the guild and outside of the guild. You will treat others with respect at all times. We do encourage playful banter; having fun is why we are here. However, you must use your own judgement and be careful not to cross lines.

Be kind to your fellow guild members and other denizens of the server community.

Guild Communications Guideline
Guild chat and VOIP (Discord) communications are an amazing platform that allow for us to communicate with a vast array of people. BDA's community is made up of many different people from many different walks of life. With that in mind, please be considerate of your friends in the guild. Guild chat in game is broadcasted out to 25-75 people at any given time. Don't say anything in guild chat that you would be uncomfortable with saying in front of a crowd of 50 people! Certain words/terms are often used to joke around with small groups of people, but consider our diverse community when talking in guild chat and Discord. Consider your audience!! Respect one another, their diversity and their cultures. It's the Bregan way.

Guild Tag
You must display your guild tag at all times. Use /roleplay if you wish to have your level and class concealed. You may not have characters tagged in competitor guilds.

Project1999 / Daybreak Forums
You represent Bregan D'Aerth while posting on those forums, and we expect you to act like an adult.

Server Rules and Staff
All members are expected to follow server rules at all times. All members are expected to act in a respectful manner to the server guides and GM's.

Disciplinary Action
Disciplinary action will be at the discretion of leadership. Incidences are documented and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Depending on severity, disciplinary action can range from a warning to immediate guild removal and banning from ever rejoining Bregan D'Aerth.

Raid Policies

Raid Schedule
Any planned guild event will be listed on our calendar located above the forums. We expect you to frequent our forums and remain up to date on guild events.

Non-planned events (events requiring immediate mobilization) will be posted in our guild message of the day (MotD) and sent out via a batphone. Please use /get frequently to remain up to date on what we are doing.

Currently we have 4 scheduled raid days varying in start times (on average starting at 7pm EST) with Mon-Wed being dedicated to content that provides real progression for the guild, Thursday being more of a throwback raid day, and Fri-Sun being casual lootgrabs, epic fights, and other random encounters if people are up for it.

Raid Attendance
We expect you to raid with us if you're online (and will continue to be online for the duration of the event) when a raid is called. Raid dodging (failure to show up for a raid because you wanted to do something else in game) will not be tolerated. If for some reason you wouldn't be available to raid but wish to remain in game it's best to talk to an officer about the situation.

We do not require the use of voice communication, but we encourage all members to at least listen in. Raid commands will try to be repeated in guild chat, but initial commands will be given in Discord. In crunch time situations Discord helps our guild function more efficiently, at minimum listening is as stated highly encouraged.

Loot Policies
We use a loot council (comprised of leadership and/or veteran members) to determine loot awards. We keep track of all items we award to members. We use the following formula when awarding loot:

full member main > full member alt > trial member > rot.

Our loot policy almost always follows this order, but in unique situations the loot council is afforded the right to deviate from this practice when circumstances dictate it necessary to do so. The loot council's goal is to always do what's best for the guild, that is always paramount.

We will never require you to forfeit loot acquired through grouping (guild groups or not) on your own time.

Application Process and Membership

Application Process
Recruitment status will be posted on the main page of the guild website. The application process/recruiting will be handled by the recruitment officers. New members will be subjected to a trial period culminating in a vote from our member base.

We require our members to maintain at least a minor degree of activity within the guild. Inactive members may be subjected to a change in guild status.

Officer Opportunities
Officers will be appointed by leadership based on guild needs and individual contributions to the guild.

Leaving Bregan D'Aerth
If you feel that Bregan D'Aerth is not a good fit for you and wish to remove yourself, we ask that you do so in a respectful manner. Please let an officer know you are leaving.